...because we're all too fat!

Seriously, the demoscene lifestyle isn't the healthiest in the world. So, while contemplating the future, bstrr, Ziphoid and D.Fox talked about losing weight until Revision 2013. 

[22:31] [Ziphoid] So, shall I build a site? :P
[22:31] [bstrr] haha
[22:31] [dfox] we could make a pouet topic
[22:31] [dfox] and we need a counter
[22:31] [Ziphoid] Wait a bit about it and I'll sort something.
[22:31] [dfox] "total kgs lost"
[22:32] [Ziphoid] I actually started on a similar site a couple of years ago. :)
[22:32] [dfox] :D
[22:32] [bstrr] oh no
[22:32] [Ziphoid] ;)
[22:32] [bstrr] you're serious :)
[22:32] [dfox] bstrr: you started it
[22:32] [Ziphoid] We don't have to disclose the actual weight from the beginning, but having a counter would be cool. :P
[22:32] [dfox] you and your silly danish ideas
[22:32] [Ziphoid] lol
[22:32] [bstrr] hehe
[22:32] [dfox] "lost weight" they said, "it'll be fun" they said!
[22:32] [Ziphoid] That means that we'll have to change the foodstands at parties as well, you know. ;)
[22:32] [bstrr] !!
[22:33] [bstrr] currywurst can't go!
[22:33] [dfox] currywurst is ok if you leave out the fries :)
[22:33] [bstrr] not really :)
[22:33] [dfox] and the beer
[22:39] [dfox] hm, i really like the idea of a weight-loss "campaign"
[22:40] [dfox] "i lost 20kg in 6 months and all i got was this revision XXS shirt"
[22:40] [bstrr] get scenepoints for your kilos
[22:40] [bstrr] dfox, that one wasn't bad actually!
[22:41] [Ziphoid] Very true!
[22:41] [Ziphoid] :)
[22:42] [dfox] scenepoints?
[22:42] [dfox] yeah
[22:42] [dfox] still a good idea
[22:42] [dfox] a weighlossportal... i could actually hack something together with the partymeister 2 base i have
[22:42] [dfox] login with sceneid, enter your weight, get a google chart
[22:42] [Ziphoid] dfox: Yeah, I was just thinking about that.
[22:43] [dfox] and we can display the total loss/gain on the front page
[22:43] [bstrr] nice!
[22:43] [Ziphoid] I'm game. :)
[22:43] [dfox] ok
[22:43] [dfox] besides the sceneid login, i can finish the backend and frontend code today i think :D
[22:44] [Ziphoid] *hehe*
[22:44] [dfox] and we can make a beamslide at evoke
[22:44] [bstrr] i'm all for it :)
[22:44] [dfox] yep
[22:44] [Ziphoid] Shall we find a proper domain for it? :)
[22:44] [dfox] why not
[22:45] [bstrr] kilos off!
[22:45] [dfox] not kilos off
[22:45] [dfox] POUNDS OFF
[22:45] [bstrr] YES
[22:45] [bstrr] haha
[22:45] [dfox] :D
[22:46] [dfox] pounds-off.org/net is still available
[22:46] [bstrr] o/
[22:48] [bstrr] farfar is doing a logo now :)
[22:48] [Ziphoid] Yes!
[22:48] [Ziphoid] o/
[22:48] [Ziphoid] Damn, we're TOO efficient at this. *S*
[22:48] [dfox] :D
[22:48] [bstrr] hehe
[22:48] [Ziphoid] *hmmm*
[22:49] [dfox] oh
[22:49] [dfox] pounds-off.me
[22:49] [Ziphoid] Yay!
[22:49] [Ziphoid] That's even better!
[22:49] [bstrr] yeeah!
[22:49] [bstrr] perfect
[22:49] [Ziphoid] Hang on.
[22:50] [Ziphoid] joker.com
[22:50] [dfox] do you have an account there?
[22:51] [Ziphoid] Yes. I'll register it.
[22:51] [dfox] ok, great
[22:51] [bstrr] o/