Privacy Settings

Ideas and Improvements

I would love if there were some cool privacy settings, i.e. an option to set your profile to "private" to anyone who's not logged in. I wouldn't mind going unanonymous, but I don't really like to see my name on the frontpage or my profile statistics visible to anyone.. ;)
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
I do agree to this one. Also, google bots etc.
over 7 years ago by thec
I'll implement both tonight. There should also be an option to "lurk" around and use the forums, but without having a profile.
over 7 years ago by D.Fox

New privacy options:
- share your data with everybody
- only with logged-in members
- stay completely anonymous

Just change it in your profile-settings
over 7 years ago by D.Fox
Also, if you have your setting on "members-only", the google bot will only get you as anonymous.
So the page will still be indexed but without the connection of your data to your name.
over 7 years ago by D.Fox
That's exactly what I hoped for, thanks!
over 7 years ago by Anonymous