Sporty events at MAIN 2012


Since MAIN 2012 will take place at the poolside - there's a chance to shift your demoparty-activities from boozing and eating to boozing, eating and excercising :)

Next to the obvious swimming, the following fun-compos have been announced:
  • WaterBomb Competition
  • Beach volleyball matches
  • French "Boule" competition

more infos here
about 8 years ago by D.Fox
Well we have a football field too !
So well , aside of the party activity you could also organize a nice "jogging" event next to the river "rhone" :)
about 8 years ago by Anonymous
I'm up for the beach volley! I wouldn't mind playing volley-ish type of games in the pool as well, water gives good resistance :)
about 8 years ago by jenni
we have a "beach volleyball field" filled with sand and a pro net :)
about 8 years ago by Anonymous