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So I had a pretty crappy year so far and gained a lot of weight again (around 10kg from my lowest point last year). After multiple attempts to start the process again, which were all fucked up by work related stuff and demotivation I've decided that it's time for the next attempt.

I will try to limit my carb intake after 6pm (more like 8pm since I have a different sleep cycle) and hope that this will have some effect.

In addition to that I want to try to exercise a bit. Since I tend to sweat easy even when moving just a little and for that get colds even during the summer - any hints on achieving some sort of regular exercise which don't involve too much running/walking outside?

I'll also pick up muscle-training again after my vacation in September (mostly for my back problems) and will try to walk around 1-5km every day at a slow pace. It's not much but I guess it's better than nothing...

almost 6 years ago by D.Fox
Cold weather friendly exercise: swimming in a warm pool in your local swimming hall :)
over 5 years ago by jenni
There is an unlimited number of diets to choose from, but afaik, none of them work, because when you have reached your goal, you start going back to the way you used to live. Diets give you a faster weightloss, but if you're no able to hold it, what good are they?

You have to make a change for good. Rule no. 1, when eating dinner, only fill your plate once (and not fill it like a mad man), taking seconds are a no-no .. forever! - so get used to it. Allow yourself to eat sweets and cake if you like - but only once in a while, although I do not recommend cake, that shit is loaded with calories like fuck.

As slengpung shows, I was on a slipping-slope earlier, but stopped it before getting out of hand. The first month is especially tough, you are hungry all the time, but that's only because your stomach is used to eating so much, it slims back down slowly so you don't have the same craving for food after a while. From there on, put in some exercise for some more weightloss, but people get fat because they eat to much, and perhaps also the wrong kind of food. Eat healthier and less - and don't give yourself a deadline for that - else you'll drop right back down when stopping.
over 5 years ago by dwarf
For now I'm trying to exercise much without changing my eating habits that much since I think that doing both at the same time will be too exhausting for now.

I'm making good progress on my walking/running on a weekly basis but I still didn't manage to lose any weight yet :-) For now I'm not worried since I do have fun doing all of that stuff.

We'll see where it takes me.
over 5 years ago by D.Fox