Can we disable target BMI on graph?


It's been a couple of weeks since I last entered a weight because I've been quite ill, but I've just noticed the additional of the BMI and target BMI on the graph. That's good info, but can we have a way to stop the target BMI appearing on the graph?

When you're a LONG way from the target BMI like me, it compresses the useful data in the graph to about 10% of the vertical height when it used to be more like 90%...
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
Ooops, this wasn't supposed to be an event... I was reading the "Ideas and Improvements" section and clicked create new topic... didn't realise the drop down defaulted to this... :o
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
On a related note, it would be nice with a line from the weight at the date a goal was set to the target weight at the target date. That way you can see if you are losing weight fast enough.
over 7 years ago by Anonymous