Withings integration

Ideas and Improvements

I'm so super lazy. That's the reason why I never really kept a manual log of my weight and I only enter my weight every few weeks into pounds off! But what I do: Stepping on my scale almost every morning. So connecting pounds off! to the Withings API would be definitely great at least for me :-)
almost 5 years ago by avatar
+1! :)
almost 4 years ago by Anonymous
I'll have a look when I have a bit of spare time. The fact that I also have a withings might be helping :)
over 3 years ago by D.Fox
over 3 years ago by Anonymous
+1 for this :)
over 3 years ago by emoon
Did a test-implementation a while ago. Now that the page is more fun to work with, I'll have a look and finish this up soon.
over 2 years ago by D.Fox
It's done. Check out the new sidebar menu item "Connect your withings scale" after you've logged it.
over 2 years ago by D.Fox
over 2 years ago by Anonymous
Could we have support for Fitbit Aria too? Shouldn't be that different from Withings. There be info -> https://dev.fitbit.com/
over 2 years ago by jenni
over 2 years ago by jenni