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It would be interesting to see what means other people use to lose weight. I see some damn good results out there, so it would be fun to see if I could get some new ideas.

Myself, I'm going for a combination of "less energy intake, more energy burn".

Basically I just eat the same as before (barring sodas - i do the diet version nowadays), but I eat less of it. I'm trying to think about what I eat so I've also dropped things like potato chips down to a minimum - but it's my nemesis, so sometimes I can't stop myself. At those times I try skipping dinner so the fall isn't that high.

At the same time I work out at least 3 times a week. When I started out I did 2 km of running every morning before breakfast and work, but once my runs started getting longer I couldn't keep up the daily routine :/
over 6 years ago by Anonymous
My method is not that different! I'm generally staying away from cakes and candy, but I do allow myself a can of sugary-coca cola for dinner. I eat a good mix of meat, vegetables and either bread/pasta or potato, but focusing on getting some proteins in every meal.
I have six meals every day: around 06.30, 09.30, 12.00, 15.00, 18.00 and 20.30, with breakfast, lunch and dinner being the major ones.

I work out 3-4 times every week, combining running and various muscle-training exercises. And I mostly stay off alcohol in order not to lower my metabolism!
over 6 years ago by bstrr
Heh, I used to do the one can of coke for dinner as well, but I started using a calorie counter app and some days that one can of coke doubled my daily intake of calories.. So then that was motivation enough for me to drop it all together :)
over 6 years ago by Anonymous
Doubled? You should have a daily intake of around 2000 kcal so it must have been a huge can :)
over 6 years ago by bstrr
Well, like said, I try eating less than my daily intake and working out more.
A can of coke has around 500 kcal. I was doing around 900 kcal on average in the summer holiday and some days it was as far down as 600..

I can't keep up with that when I'm working though. Only when I do nothing.
over 6 years ago by Anonymous
900 kcal?! Impressive - I wouldn't be able to cut down my intake that much for any amount of time!
over 6 years ago by bstrr
My approach:

Food: http://www.dietdoctor.com/lchf

Also no sugar without exceptions.

And now biking to work each day (started previous week) it's about ~6.5 one way so about 13 km each day.
over 6 years ago by emoon
@booster: You know, I might need less calories than you to begin with..
over 6 years ago by Anonymous
I'd recommend low carb too. I've had good experience in the past, but slipped back onto carbs and my weight slowly increased again without me noticing how bad it'd got.

My main source of info back then was the somethingawful low carb mega thread. Generally the main rule is to keep under 100g of carbs per day, although last time I typically had between 5g and 50g per day. You'll feel tired and grumpy for a couple of days, but it's amazing - even though you can eat as much protein and fat as you like, your appetite seems to shrink a bit. Also, your body sheds a lot of water over the first week or so, so the initial 5kg loss is a great incentive to keep going as you know you'll put on a few kg as soon as you have too many carbs.

The hardest thing actually is training yourself to see fat as good and learning to eat more of it... :)
over 6 years ago by Anonymous
I lost 20+ kg mainly by sticking to the hacker's diet: http://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/ - seems to be the most logical one for software engineers etc. ;)
over 6 years ago by avatar
my english might be a bit rusty, sorry for that... ahem. there's nothing like the feeling when you can say that, while standing upright and looking down on you, you are able to not only look at your feet, but also at your dick, i was not always able to do that...
i always was a big kid. by "big" i mean "fat". well, and by "kid" i mean "fuck", overweight since the age of seven. until the age of 24, meaning two years ago, i lost and gained weight like some neurotic. I once even had the opposite problem, weighing only 75kg and fighting anorectic problems - and dude, i prefer the pounds. any time. well...
through my life i tried any, trust me, any kind of diet, and there is nothing that works for everyone. but what actually does always work is drinking at least 2l of water per day and doing any kind of endurance sports.
the biggest lie that was ever told is, that the less you eat the more weight lose - to be clear, thats bullshit. counting calories is totally not working as well, since they don't tell anything about the quality of the eaten food. and losing weight quickly will never work properly. it's a process, not an event. to lose one, maybe two kilograms per month is the only way of doing it right. (I, for instance, lost 45kg in two months due to some psychological trouble and here i am, not being able to walk stairs downwards without my knees hurting - at the age of 26.)
losing weight can actually be even unhealthier than being fat. doing it wrong can be fatal. i often found myself in positions where i was like: cool, i lost 10kg but i feel like shit and was in a really bad condition, having headaches and concentration problems. so how do you actually eat as you like while losing weight? that's rough, but once you know how it's done, it is not that hard anymore:

1.The first and most important point: don't rush things. it can take years to lose that damn weight. it took years to put it on, you need at least the same time to strip it off. it is killing morale like shit when you don't see any progress, but progress is made slowly. being strong and consequent, even when you feel like nothing is happening. avoid looking at the balance every day, just look at it once in a month. it'll help.

2.Be healthy. You can eat copious amounts of food while still losing weight. But that must be vegetables and fruits. avoid "bad" carbs like sugar and white bread, eat "good", complex crabs instead, grains and stuff. Let go of saturated fats (cheese shall be a spice from now on) and eat more unsaturated, if possible polyunsaturated. Fibers are your friends as well, eat plenty.
Once you start eating mainly healthy food you'll get a different body feeling, you'll be more energetic, making it easier to lose weight.

3.Move your buttocks. You don't need to walk a marathon thrice a week, but hitting the gym or just going for a walk for an hour or so at least two times a week is a must. seriously. humans were not made to sit in chairs and typing on keyboards the whole time. Were animals after all...

And to come to me:
Right now i am 88kg. It may sound like i have a pound or two too much, but no, i'm cool. I eat mainly vegan, sometimes i eat a yoghurt or a slice of cheese, seldomly meat or fish (like once in three months). since my knees are permanently damaged due to my former obesity, i can only go lifting weights, running and stuff is not really possible anymore. and if i don't go lifting weights i can hardly breathe, since my back is a deformed, also due to obesity, and it hurts even now most of the time.

I would so like to help people around here.
Well, I know most people just don't have the time to spend one or two hours per day in the kitchen, but overweight has fatal consequences, it's the fuckin' worst thing to be, i suffer severly from it although i am perfectly healthy by now...
over 6 years ago by bitch