The forum not used all that much?

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What happened to the forum? A good community should have lots of discussion going on to keep people interested in coming back :)

Are people missing some features or do they just not have anything to say?
almost 9 years ago by Anonymous
First of all, going into "How?" is kinda misleading... also having like recent 10 topics always visible on front page works good... seen it at many other sites.. so that's something one could change.

Other than that I think people stick to their tactics and there isn't really much to discuss. People seem to entering their weights and are truly happy for this service. I sure am.
almost 9 years ago by thec
Forum?!?! O_o dafuq?
almost 9 years ago by Anonymous
yeah, i'm sure we need to position the forum more prominently. i can restart working on PO after tUM.
almost 9 years ago by D.Fox
Yeah, I agree. The top few topics on the front page would make this much more prominent. Currently, it says there's been no forum activity because nothing has been posted today, even though there's been stuff spoken about since I was last here.
almost 9 years ago by Anonymous
There are now the last 15 topics showing in the forum tab on the front page - hopefully that helps.
over 8 years ago by D.Fox
Yeah it helped me to see new stuff at least :) Neat :)
over 8 years ago by Anonymous
Maybe I'll add some bubbles like "3 new messages" today or something like that.
over 8 years ago by D.Fox
This is the first time I've seen the forum :-)
over 8 years ago by rasmus
Holy shit, there's a forum!?
over 7 years ago by revival
Nothing to see here, move on.
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
12 months ago by Anonymous
Lmao I never knew.
11 months ago by Anonymous
Hello friends! :)
9 months ago by arab