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I bought the Fitbit Ultra Tracker yesterday and it spits out some nice stats - and surprise surprise - I don't move enough ;)

Works out nice as a general activity tracker, measures steps, distance and stair-usage. It also integrates nicely with endomondo.com and treats each day as a workout.

These are the main stats that it spits out:

Ordered it via amazon.de - was there the next day.
almost 8 years ago by D.Fox
So how did it calculate what your recommended step count was? 10 000 steps seems like an awful lot of walking..
almost 8 years ago by Anonymous
Well, what you see are all presets from the fitbit website. I only tracked my activities since noon yesterday and I really didn't move that much.

For comparison - I already have 1200 steps for today and it's just 10:30. I don't think 10k steps are too much. I went to my garage yesterday to search something and it was like 600 steps in 15 minutes.

I'll leave the 10k steps goal for now and see how much move during demoparties ;-)
almost 8 years ago by D.Fox
I guess it makes more sense if you didn't move around at all yesterday, yeah.
The concept is interesting, but I think I'll wait to see how it works for you before I consider ordering one myself :)
almost 8 years ago by Anonymous
Already done more today than yesterday \o/

I still doubt that those goals are reachable for a normal office-worker without some extra workout. But maybe that's the motivation.

Btw. you can of course change all those goal values. I just left it on the presets because I think they calculated some kind of average. Also - the whole point is to reach/exceed goals. So there's no point in setting them too low either.
almost 8 years ago by D.Fox
That's true :) I guess those presents are just fine, I just wondered how they were calculated. But now I know \o/
almost 8 years ago by Anonymous
It basically tells you that you're lazy and should move more.

Kind of like my mom...
...but with a display \o/
almost 8 years ago by D.Fox
Your mom doesn't have a display?

Everybody should have a cyborg mom.
almost 8 years ago by oden
The problem is that it get lost way too easy. I meanwhile bought my third (and I swear... my last!) one. That's getting expensive.
over 7 years ago by avatar
So, you guys, how easy is this to use?

Thinking of buying my mother in law one for christmas since she wants a step counter, but worrying about it possibly being too advanced for her :)
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
It's great. You have to recharge it once a week though. And you need a computer with a usb connection for the transceiver.
over 7 years ago by D.Fox
Yeah we got her one for Christmas and she absolutely loved it. Now she's much more active and keeps checking if she reached her goals.. One evening I met her going up and down the stairs since she was "still lacking 3 floors today". So it works :)
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
I've lost mine, sadly :( I suspect that my roomba ate it and I accidentally threw it away.
over 7 years ago by D.Fox
Doh :(

Get a new one!

Anyway, I got the Fitbit One yesterday (new model) and was just wondering. Both my mother in law and I have had problems with the unit turning itself off randomly and thus not collecting data. Is this anything you've had any experience with too?
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
Not to my recollection, no.
over 7 years ago by D.Fox
Figured it out now. There's a design flaw in the new models.
Basically, the unit has two "contact points" on the back that are used when the unit is charging.

But inside the rubber "wrapper" that you use to clip the unit to your belt (or other places) there's a long piece of metal (the back end of the clip). It seems that if the "contact points" touch that metal clip you somehow short circuit the thing. Stupid thing :) At least I figured it out.
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
Got a new fitbit last week after giving up finding the old one. Also got the fitbit one.
The rubber casing is pretty crappy IMHO I guess the "silent" alarm thing is nice. Not sure if I'm going to use it - but it's nice to have it :)
almost 7 years ago by D.Fox