improve me beautiful (list of suggestions)

Ideas and Improvements

Showing extra lines in the chart

Currently my weight chart shows every second kilo (110, 112, 114...) while as people who weight less than me have smaller "steps" in their chart (less than kilo, half a kilo and so on). I don't need the chart to show more weight than it's currently showing (as in, next goal and little bit space underneath it is just fine) but it would be nice if there was an extra (thin) lines every 0,5 kg or so, since the changes in weight are kinda minimal. I'd like this just to keep better track visually to see where the weight actually settles on the chart. The current lines could be bolded a bit and have the 'between' lines more thinner and subtle.
about 9 years ago by jenni
Like this? There's no way to add exact gridlines but I can specify that I want to have some sub-grid-lines ;) I think it looks quite ok now.
about 9 years ago by D.Fox
Yeah, that's fine for me :)
about 9 years ago by jenni
Would be nice with a calculated "kg lost" line combined with the various graph views.

So that if I put in the "since signup" grap, it would give me a line saying "kgs lost since signup: 3" somewhere on the page, like over the graph or something.
(Or kgs lost the last 30 days, 3 months etc)

Sure, I can calculate it myself, but it just would have been neater if the page told me :)
about 9 years ago by Anonymous
Done :)
about 9 years ago by D.Fox
"Lost" and "gained" in different colors on the frontpage

It would be nice if on the frontpage it would say "lost" in green color (X lost X kg) and "gained" in red color (X gained X kg). Just to differentiate who lost and who gained, more easier to spot visually :)
about 9 years ago by jenni
Addition to the previous - to those few, who are trying to actually gain weight (is there any?) there could be different colors that are opposite (since to them losing weight is bad and gaining is good). So for example gaining in teal and losing in orange. Using a bit different shades in colors would also visually differentiate "losers" (harhar) from "gainers" :)
about 9 years ago by jenni