[Endomondo] CHALLENGE: POUNDS OFF: Getting fit for MAiN!


Hello fellow sceners,

Join the Endomondo-hosted challenge for MAiN! Somewhere underneath your fluffy looks there's a beach body wanting to get out, and we want to see it! Choose your sport, person with most calories burned during September will get a nice diploma and a surprise gift awarded at MAiN!

So get yourself moving and join the challenge at http://www.endomondo.com/challenges/lF-1yOXKiNM

The challenge starts at Sept 1st after midnight and ends at Sept 30th a minute before midnight, so use the few remaining days of August to prepare yourself!

Let the calorie war begin!

PS: You are allowed to join even if you can't make it to the party ;)
about 8 years ago by jenni
Great idea. Too bad only sports that include "moving" are eligible :)
about 8 years ago by D.Fox
In case you're doing exercise where you're not physically moving distance-wise (like gym), you can add those manually through the Endomondo website (what I've understood). Same with exercises that you can't really (safely) track with a mobile app, such as swimming :)
about 8 years ago by jenni
I've added my daily fitbit "step-counter" to endomondo. So I'm taking part passively :)
about 8 years ago by D.Fox
Tomorrow, we dine in hell! Erm... the challenge starts tomorrow! Get your sneakers, bike, swimsuits, gym equipment, ponies or whatever ready, since it's time to BURN SOME CALORIES! Hello September, meet thinner sceners!
about 8 years ago by jenni
I got sick and haven't been working out for over 2 weeks. There went my chance of getting at least somewhere near top 3 on that challenge :(

But it looks good for other people there, so keep it up!
almost 8 years ago by Anonymous