Previous goals visible in graph

Ideas and Improvements

Currently the weight graph only shows the next goal. It would be nice if the old goals (that have been reached already) would be visible in the graph, so you could see how many goals the person has achieved already. Yeah, they're listed in the left side of the page, but would be nice to have them in the graph :)

D.Fox for example has reached his first goal, so it'd be nice to have a thin green line in the graph where the previous goal was, and then the next future goal would be in corresponding color (orange, like the "Pending" is).

No need to show *all* the future goals in the graph, only the next one, since otherwise the graph will be skewed (what we talked about keeping motivation when seeing even those tiny 0.2 kg weight loss - they don't show if the future goal(s) is too far from current weight like here.
about 9 years ago by jenni
about 9 years ago by Anonymous
about 9 years ago by D.Fox