Integration with demoparty.net

Ideas and Improvements

This is probably a bigger thing to do, but just an idea I got.

How about an integration with demparty.net / some kind of calendar system?
Lots of stuff could come from this, like the ability to hook a goal up to an event (weigh x kg before this party) - lots of us seem to have certain parties as goals. Another cool thing could be to add events (like the trsac run) directly into a calendar instead of keeping it in the forum like now (both would be best).

One could also try to organize workout sessions with sceners in your local area, although that would possibly be better in the forums..

I bet you clever heads can come up with more ideas.. Just something off the top of my head..
about 9 years ago by Anonymous
The dates from demoparty.net are now showing up in the Goals datepicker. It's not much, but it's a start :)
about 9 years ago by D.Fox
Awesome, you're doing a lot of good work here :)
about 9 years ago by Anonymous