Demo my pounds-off!

Fire up the playlist and hit that treadmill while watching demos.

Get thin right here!


Weight loss by country

  1. 10.3 kg
  2. 2.9 kg
  3. 2.5 kg

That's a total of 13 kg!

Average weight by country

  1. 199.0 kg
  2. 152.0 kg
  3. 114.0 kg
  4. 109.1 kg
  5. 108.8 kg
  6. 106.0 kg
  7. 105.1 kg
  8. 96.5 kg
  9. 96.2 kg
  10. 95.0 kg
  11. 94.9 kg
  12. 93.9 kg
  13. 93.1 kg
  14. 91.6 kg
  15. 90.5 kg
  16. 90.5 kg
  17. 90.3 kg
  18. 90.0 kg
  19. 83.3 kg
  20. 78.7 kg
  21. 76.4 kg
  22. 75.9 kg
  23. 75.1 kg
  24. 75.0 kg
  25. 73.1 kg
  26. 71.5 kg
  27. 66.4 kg
  28. 61.0 kg
  29. 57.2 kg

What is this madness?

Throughout the ages, it has been a sacrosanct thing that demosceners are fatter than the average human being. A LOT fatter, bred on a diet of Cola, toast, and waffles with cheese. Even if a scener was thin to look at, he would still be fat on the inside, globules of fat surrounding those delicious, sweet organs. 

Some sceners just made da phat beats, we won't argue against those. Keep them coming! 

HOWEVER!! To cut to the chase: we're getting old. Yes, just face it. You're becoming an old fuck, and you can't take the abuse that much longer. You need to lose some weight, old fuck, and the strategic Pounds-Off initiative can help you achieve that! Sign up now, set up a weight loss goal, and be safe in the knowledge that you may be an old fuck with too much weight on your bones, but you're not alone, and together we can make the whole goddamn world better!

And always remember: loose lips! Sink ships!

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Changelog update on January 20th 2015!

  • Added withings integration. You can now connect your scales to pounds-off and enable push notifications every time you use your scales.. Just log in and enable ithere

Changelog update on January 18th 2015!

  • Updated core framework so it's more fun to work on it again
  • Added responsive layouts
  • Show the last 10 weight-based activities on the start page
  • Updated chart plugin
  • Updated the "Demo my pounds off" database as well as the demoparty calendar

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