jobe / matt current




175 cm

Start weight

88.5 kg

Current weight

86.7 kg (-1.8 kg)

Current BMI

28.31 (What's this?)

Current KMI

1.63 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

What I want

I want to lose weight

Why I do it

No specific goal, other than losing excess body fat and then keeping it lost. Fortunately I've always lost more weight during motivated times than I've gained back during unmotivated times. Even so, time to get rid of those unmotivated times. Diet: Vegan. So I'm not exactly low-carbing here, but I'm trying to prefer quality carbs (barley instead of rice, potatoes only occasionally). Since I'm on a demoscene website, you already know that beer is one of my weaknesses. Going to cut down on that. Exercise: Walking three times a week, lifting weights three times a week. Running occasionally. Now that we have our annual couple of minutes of summer in Finland, I'm cycling to work whenever it doesn't rain heavily.


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Weight progress

Lost 1.5 kg within the chosen timeframe!

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