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175 cm

Start weight

98.0 kg

Current weight

82.7 kg (-15.3 kg)

Current BMI

27 (What's this?)

Current KMI

1.55 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

Current body fat

19.2 % (What's this?)

What I want

I want to lose weight

Why I do it

Main purpose is simply to feel better and and have more energy (so I can be less lazy and do more demoscene stuff (right :)) I will do the LCHF route (less carbs) as it fits me great and I have done it before but stopped during the summer because of trips and what not. I was close to 100 kg at some point but main goal is to be around 80:ish which should be good.


  • Reached Weigh 91.0 kg by Saturday, Feb 15, 2014

    Dataweight at Datastorm!

  • Reached Weigh 85.0 kg by Friday, Apr 18, 2014

    Revision goal :)


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