180 cm

Start weight

83.5 kg

Current weight

89.3 kg (5.8 kg)

Current BMI

27.56 (What's this?)

Current KMI

1.68 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

What I want

I want to lose weight


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Weight progress

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I imagine this is what it looks like when the goal is to keep your current weight (more or less). I think you need to proper meals regularly for a couple of weeks in order to get the last stretch covered. Take a look in the forums for some good hints!
over 10 years ago by bstrr
Wow, you took a mighty dump today, it seems :)
over 10 years ago by Anonymous
Lol Yes you need a new scale. Or some serious considerations on how to use a toilet :-D But great job iverall on loosing weight. Keep it up and keep the spirit :-)
over 10 years ago by Punqtured
Gaining weight for 'no apparent reason' could be one of following:
* You ate late at night? (meaning there's still biowaste in your bowels)
* You had exercise yesterday? (body retain fluid)
* You haven't slept well? (body retains fluid)
* You ate lots of carbs yesterday? (1 gr carb retains 3 grs of fluid)

So yes, there's many reasons. Nothing to be worry about, it's such a minor gain.
over 10 years ago by jenni