180 cm

Start weight

145.0 kg

Current weight

146.9 kg (1.9 kg)

Current BMI

45.34 (What's this?)

Current KMI

2.76 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

What I want

I want to lose weight


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Weight progress

Gained 0.9 kg within the chosen timeframe!

This video might give you some different insights regarding weight loss -> http://bigthink.com/videos/penn-jillette-on-losing-100lbs-of-weight
about 1 year ago by jenni
I'm bit worried that your weight seems to just stay the same, and I assume you're not trying to maintain it. I'd recommend getting rid of WeightWatchers - after all, they are a business that's aiming to do profit, and if people did lose weight permanently, they'd be out of business. Their whole business model is based on the fact that it's difficult or nearly impossible to follow the points, which means people will fall off the wagon, will feel ashamed or like they're "losers", so they keep coming back to the WW meetings feeling that the program must work but the fault is in them. No. The whole WW program has been designed that absolutely majority of people will fail on it, and will keep coming back to the meetings (you do pay money to attend them, after all), and that's how the company thrives financially.
about 1 year ago by jenni
Well, kind-of: weekly WeightWatchers meetups and counting points, around 3–5 hrs of bicycling per week
about 2 years ago by Anonymous
Are you using MyFitnessPal (or similar) to track your eaten kcal and exercise?
about 2 years ago by jenni