191 cm

Start weight

152.7 kg

Current weight

145.4 kg (-7.3 kg)

Current BMI

39.86 (What's this?)

Current KMI

2.73 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

Current body fat

26.4 % (What's this?)

What I want

I want to lose weight


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Weight progress

Lost 15.03 kg within the chosen timeframe!

Yeah, I finally seem to have found something that works for me. :)
12 days ago by Anonymous
going down! \o/
20 days ago by wurstgetrank
Try a challenge: try to walk 10 000 steps per day, and give up alcohol for few weeks. That should restart the weight loss!
over 1 year ago by jenni
i use the YAZIO app...it really helps
over 1 year ago by _docd
1.6 kg less! Well done bro!
over 1 year ago by _docd
Good Job! I use in addition a freeware app to track what eat. And drink a lot of water. App is "YAZIO" and has a huge database of food to track down the calories. Im curious how much we both loose until Easter. <3
almost 2 years ago by _docd
Let's continue the good work: going down.
almost 5 years ago by Santa
go go go!
about 5 years ago by Anonymous
Oops :)
over 5 years ago by D.Fox
Zu früh gefreut! :)
over 5 years ago by Anonymous
Alter wie geil!
almost 6 years ago by D.Fox
Back on TRACK !! nice one :)
almost 6 years ago by farfar
Back to square one. Your chance, Denmark!
about 6 years ago by Anonymous
Wow, this looks like a consequent trend on the longer term indeed - good to see this can be done.
about 8 years ago by Anonymous
Well, the weight mainly goes up and down all the time. I do try to get it trending downwards, though. Denmark doesn
about 8 years ago by Anonymous
3.5 kg since startup is impressive! And it seems your weight loss is a steady and constant one, which are usually the ones you hear will last. Big thumb up for the effort so far (even though you're contributing significantly to Germany beating Denmark on total weight loss) ;-)
about 8 years ago by Punqtured