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180 cm

Start weight

142.5 kg

Current weight

121.6 kg (-20.9 kg)

Current BMI

37.53 (What's this?)

Current KMI

2.28 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

Current body fat

34.3 % (What's this?)

What I want

I want to lose weight

Why I do it

Motivation arrived in the form of a challenge at work: Lose 10% of your weight by November 1st 2012. I then decided to go all in and consult a professional nutritionist, effectively changing my food habits as opposed to "just" skipping the typical stuff until the goal is reached. This way I hope to continue past the first few goals and make it to "the other side" (below 100, that is)!


  • Reached Weigh 128.3 kg by Thursday, Nov 1, 2012

    Original challenge set at work - lose 10% by November 1st!

  • Pending Weigh 120.0 kg by Friday, Nov 23, 2012
  • Pending Weigh 100.0 kg by Friday, Mar 29, 2013

    What eventually sparked the idea of this site - let's meet at 100 at Revision 2013!


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Weight progress

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cheers for the comments!

gloom, I'm doing that as well, just not very often (once a month - next measurement on the 5th of sept). Looking mighty forward to it :)
almost 9 years ago by bstrr
Building muscles and not losing weight is why one should keep track of body fat as well. This will give you a metric to hold on to when the weight doesn't go down and tells you that you are indeed getting healthier.
almost 9 years ago by Anonymous
Congrats on reaching your milestone, keep going :)
almost 9 years ago by Anonymous
I second dwarf on that. However, I'm sure that focusing on other things than just weight, will quickly eliminate a possible feeling of it leading to nothing. In a week with no noticable weight loss, you might have bested your previous personal best on a 2 km run or increased the distance you were able to run. Buuut I'm pretty sure you're already feeling some of the obvious benefits and this advice therefore is completely superfluous ;)
almost 9 years ago by Punqtured
Just remember that your exercise and muscle buildup can result in you not loosing the weight you expected, but never loose your enthusiasm, it can be hard seeing the numbers not going down, they will continue at some point, but you'll get easily disappointed and loose focus on your goal. .. or I did at least :)
almost 9 years ago by dwarf
jenni, I'm following the instructions of a professional nutritionist, advising me to keep a good intake of protein throughout the day - from milk, eggs, meat and some types of bread. I get a fair amount of carbs as well, but not as much as I used to.

.. og and I exercise 6 days a week for 45-60 minutes every time. This means a lot of muscle buildup, causing me to look leaner than I am (but not exactly like Chris Hemsworth just yet...)
almost 9 years ago by bstrr
I'm envious of your graph!
almost 9 years ago by jenni
You're crazy, that's what you are - It's taking up all my energy to stick with the diet and visit the fitness centre every day, and you still manage to expand this project! Kudos to you!
almost 9 years ago by bstrr
Thanks for the inspiration to lose weight and to write this software. It's been fun so far ;)
almost 9 years ago by D.Fox