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176 cm

Start weight

109.5 kg

Current weight

104.9 kg (-4.6 kg)

Current BMI

33.86 (What's this?)

Current KMI

1.97 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

Current body fat

34.4 % (What's this?)

What I want

I want to lose weight

Why I do it

I want to lose weight because I need to look good on stage for Revision! Tried a lot of things but I guess it'll boil down to "do more sports". I just like food too much :(


  • Pending Weigh 100.0 kg by Friday, Jul 31, 2015


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Weight progress

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Great work implementing all the nifty things we ask for. It was easier to say it here than to say it in each induvidual feature upgrade :)
over 6 years ago by Anonymous
Thanks :) I don't really trust the body-fat percentage on my scale. Sometimes it's +/- 3% off. I'm usually measuring every day and then delete the ones which are too high and too low :)
over 6 years ago by D.Fox
Holy crap, that's some impressive progress you're having! And it seems it's a steady and stable weight loss. It's usually those that lasts! Massive thumb up for the effort (ofcourse with the site here, but primarily on your own weight and body fat) ;-)
over 6 years ago by Punqtured
Just keep going, till the end! Good work! <3
over 6 years ago by jenni
That's so totally not going to happen ;)
over 6 years ago by D.Fox
Men can have lower fat % overall, I guess you could go under 20 and still be healthy but that'd be really, really lean - like an athletic type of lean :)
over 6 years ago by jenni
Is 29% particularly good? Well it sure is better than what I have now ;)
over 6 years ago by D.Fox
Body fat % 29 is getting closer and closer!
over 6 years ago by jenni
Good work, Reza! Keep it up! :)
over 6 years ago by Anonymous