173 cm

Start weight

135.0 kg

Current weight

113 kg (-22 kg)

Current BMI

37.76 (What's this?)

Current KMI

2.12 (Knoeki-Mass-Index)

Current body fat

40.2 % (What's this?)

What I want

I want to lose weight


  • Reached Weigh 125.0 kg by Friday, Feb 13, 2015
  • Reached Weigh 117.5 kg by Saturday, Apr 25, 2015
  • Pending Weigh 75.0 kg by Sunday, Dec 27, 2015


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Weight progress

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about 7 years ago by D.Fox
Thanks. The last two weeks were very hard, because my weight did not change two weeks. I think this is normal, but frustrating.
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
If you can lose 10 kg in just 3 weeks, I'm definitely doing something wrong :) Keep up the good job!
over 7 years ago by jenni
Thanks for your comments. It's the same old story: sport, fruits, vegatable and a little bit meat or fish....nothing else.
over 7 years ago by Anonymous
That is impressive progress. How do you do it?
over 7 years ago by D.Fox
congrats on reaching your first goal! amazing progress!!
over 7 years ago by Anonymous